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Horse Lovers Holiday Special


Happy Holidays!

Hope's Heart Tarot™ Deck - The Seeker's Journey™ Layout Board - Prairie Magic™ Audio Drama 

It's the most wonderful time of the year to spend meaningful time with friends and loved ones. Why not enjoy magical moments with meaningful activities? With Hope's Heart Tarot Cards, The Seeker's Journey layout board, and Prairie Magic AudioDrama, EVERYONE can benefit from ancient wisdom. 

  • Hope's Heart Tarot™ Deck: Descriptive text around card edges help beginners grasp tarot meanings. Experts enjoy 360-degrees of interpretations.
  • Seeker's Journey Layout Board: Get ready for an enchanting adventure, as Rebel, the fearless black steed, escorts Seekers on a quest of self discovery. The 36-inch wide, 20-inch tall tri-fold board offers full instruction for an 11-card Hope's Heart Tarot™ deck reading.  The Seeker begins with a Challenge, drawing cards to represent the Situation, a Fear and the resulting Issue. Moving on, the Seeker faces the Gatekeeper of Awareness, gaining greater insight regarding What is Denied and What is Gained. Enlightened, the Seeker finds Solution by accepting Ownership, Management and Empowerment. Ultimately, the Seeker finds a Higher Vibe by stepping onto a Higher Path under a Guiding Light.
  • Prairie Magic AudioDrama™: 11 hours and 11 minutes of Enlightened Entertainment. You'll love EVERY MOMENT of Prairie Magic AudioDrama. You'll be swept away by the rich and soothing voice of the incomparable Rick Sellers, award-winning actor and radio personality. Enriching and hilarious sound effects will make you feel like you're right there, with characters you'd love to meet in a setting you'll love to visit. Featuring the inspired music of Buck Yaeger Band. 

Prairie Magic, the first of 4 visionary fiction novels of the award-winning Adventure Seekers Saga, chronicles the Hanson and Good Elk families through mystery and intrigue as they struggle for a better future for their families and beloved town of Buffalo Grass, SD.

“The book is a fun and wild ride with mystery, romance, struggle, and triumph,” noted author Joan Kristin Haugan. “The characters incorporate ancient wisdom to combat modern-day problems, addressing the physical, emotional, and spiritual balance needed to live a positive healthy life.”

Prairie Magic is the most influential book I’ve read In a long time,” said narrator Rick Sellers. “It was a thrill to bring the characters and scenarios to life by narrating the story.”

Prairie Magic was a 2015 Visionary Fiction Finalist in the Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) competition and a featured book at the International New Age Trade Show (INATS). Rebel and A Fork in the Road, the next two books in the series, were winners in the contest in 2016 and 2017.


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