HOPE'S HEART TAROT™ - Round deck with inspirational messages.

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The Adventure Seekers Saga™ Companion:
80-card deck with lush velveteen draw bag
2015, 2016, 2017 COVR AWARD WINNER:
Visionary Fiction

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New! Hope’s Heart Tarot - a beautifully illustrated round deck printed with word guidance for easy interpretations for both experienced and beginning Tarot readers. The 78 card deck also includes a beautiful royal blue velveteen drawstring storage pouch.

How is this deck different from the others? Hope's Heart Tarot offers four unique design elements to enhance and support reads for both experienced and new tarot enthusiasts:

  • Round deck The deck’s 4.5 inch-diameter round cards allow 360-degrees of options. How better to see all sides of things?
  • Color-coded All cards feature a color-coded rope edge to easily identify the Major Arcana and all four suits of the Minor Arcana.
  • Word guidance and directional arrows printed on cards Each card is printed with 4 outer and 4 inner phrases to easily identify behaviors and remedies during reads. The printed phrases suggest direction to find relief, prosperity, and redemption. The card’s clockwise arrows indicate message rotation.
  • Fear and Seeker cards replace traditional Devil and Fool cards The “Devil” card is renamed “Fear” and the “Fool” card renamed “The Seeker” to provide an alternative view for tarot readers and their clients. The “Fear” card encourages understanding of challenges and solutions while the “The Seeker” supports consideration of one’s journey.


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  • 5
    Order came very quickly. Beautiful round shaped deck and pouch..

    Posted by Ron on May 27th 2019

    Thank you!

  • 5
    A beautiful deck

    Posted by Pete on May 14th 2019

    I have absolutely loved playing with this deck. I am new to Tarot, but have been doing psychic readings for several years. These cards are so beautifully designed, it has given me new confidence in tarot. I love what you have accomplished and I can’t wait to see more.

  • 5
    Tarot cards

    Posted by Hollie on May 13th 2019

    The tarot cards were absolutely stunning! They made the perfect gift! Thank you again!

  • 5
    Revolutionary Deck

    Posted by Kelly C on May 12th 2019

    This is the most revolutionary Tarot deck I've seen in years. Intuitive, insightful, intriguing... outstanding!

  • 5
    Hopes heart tarot..

    Posted by Jan on May 12th 2019

    What an awesome addition to the tarot world. It's also excellent for a person Nnew on their Journey.

  • 5
    Love this deck!!

    Posted by Unknown on May 10th 2019

    Love these cards. I’ve done tarot readings for over 25 years and have taught many beginners tarot classes and everything one needs to read the cards is there! Especially love the round design so there can be so many ‘degrees’ of the reading based on how they are turned. In regular tarot you either have the upright or reversed and life has so many additional possibilities. If you read Joan’s explanation of how she designed the cards you can see just how deeply she has studied tarot and took away the very best of what can be done with a reading. If you’re drawn to the deck you won’t go wrong-you’ll be so glad that you did. Thanks for the beautiful tribute to the feel, look and depth of the tarot! Well done!

  • 5
    These are very special

    Posted by Karen on May 10th 2019

    This lovely tarot deck is something special. If you are not looking for more of the same, if you want to apply your own interpretations to your card spreads, if you love beautiful illustrations, then these cards are for you. I love the round shape. Beautiful, unique, and wonderful!

  • 5
    Hope's Heart Tarot

    Posted by MSP on May 4th 2019

    Looking forward to working with this beautiful deck!

  • 5
    Hope's Heart Tarot

    Posted by Mary S on May 4th 2019

    I've been reading Tarot for decades. Like most, I have my favorite decks. With 50 or so on my shelf, the last thing I thought I wanted was yet another deck. HOWEVER...Hope's Heart Tarot is unique. Colors around the card edges denote suites and the major arcana...pretty handy when glancing down at a read to get a feel for major themes. The words and phrases really helped my client grasp the card meaning. I loved how the messages turned and progressed in a clockwise direction. Experienced readers...give this one a try!