A Fork in the Road

A Fork in the Road Recap

A Fork in the Road picks up hours after Patwin’s graduation party in Buffalo Grass, when he and Rod speed off to Mexico on a desperate and dangerous mission to rescue Rod’s wife, Aiyanna, in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake. Our friends assumed Patwin was on his way to MIT; little did they know of his last-minute change of plans.

Although Faith had broken up with Patwin before his departure, determined that she needed to be free to be herself, she felt ambivalent. To complicate matters, she gradually found herself growing closer to EJ, so she turned to the Page of Swords to help her make difficult decisions.

That same night, Wolfie announced his marriage the next day to Allison Armstrong, the Republican presidential candidate’s daughter, and Brie confessed her true identity to Blake, who found himself falling in love with her.

When the team realized that a political party would most likely conduct a smear campaign against them, Christopher concocted a brilliant plan to counter their efforts: producing a social media campaign of their own, called The Adventure Seekers Hour, a YouTube series that amassed a huge, adoring audience.

Meanwhile, Patwin and Rod managed to rescue Aiyanna, who was badly injured and nearly unconscious. Before they got her on a helicopter to a Houston hospital, she managed to utter the words, “Trust in miracles.” The two men found themselves encountering miracles among the dangers throughout their terrifying trip through Mexico, which included Patwin’s heroic feat: breaking Rod out of a Mexican jail.

When Mansi, Grace and Hope learned of Aiyanna’s arrival at the hospital, they rushed to Houston and learned that she was pregnant, but sadly, Aiyanna was still unconscious and unaware of this exciting news. She also suffered from amnesia and was deeply depressed.

When a stranger, retired Navy Seal Rex Stevens, turned up at A Fork in the Road, odd things began happening, yet no one suspected that he’d been hired by the Republican Party to sabotage the resort. Much later in our story, however, Tokada discovered Rex trying to save the resort from a more diabolical agent who was planning to start a forest fire to destroy the Adventure Seekers.

All along, New Jersey thugs Patch and Goldie were still pursuing Brie/Kyla, intending to kill her. They found her at the Black Hills Roundup on the Fourth of July (as The Adventure Seekers Resort was featured) but, fortunately, Rebel saved her life by clonking them both on the head, killing them instantly. However, Kyla was still in mortal danger, as their boss, Devil’s Scar, decided to track her down himself and complete his dastardly plan.

Amongst all this activity, Victor and Hope were planning their wedding and more romance blossomed as Tana and Julio, an unlikely pair, became engaged.

And finally, after a harrowing four months, Patwin and Rod returned to Hope’s Home on the Range, ragged and exhausted, on the night of her First Day of Autumn party. Aiyanna let out a bloodcurdling scream as her memory instantly snapped back. Pointing at Rod, she exclaimed, “You’re my husband! I’m having our baby!” Then she recalled her name and blurted out a long-held secret—that Patwin was her biological son—before fainting into Victor’s arms.

Just then, Patwin was shocked to see Faith and EJ snuggled together on the loveseat. Faith, equally stunned, released EJ’s hand and locked eyes with Patwin across the room.

What adventures await our friends next in the Wild, Wild West? Who will die and who will step up to assume their natural-born leadership roles?

Read all about it here in Scorpio. But be prepared for yet another wild ride! Yee-haw!