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T.G.I.M. - Thank God It's MONDAY!!

T.G.I.M. - Thank God It's MONDAY!!

Do you share TGIF posts? Do you grumble about a case-of-the-Mondays? Worse yet, have you ever celebrated Hump Day? Even Corporate America has bought into this downtrodden system with Geico Insurance’s camel meandering through boring Wednesday, taunting the uninspired cubical dwellers with “Guess what day it is?” TGIFridays Restaurants jumped on the band wagon in namesake alone.

Maybe it’s time to burn the hamster wheel?

Too many working stiffs dread Mondays, hang by a thread to ‘hump day’ and barely make it to TGIF, when they finally get to indulge in booze and gambling and food, just to wind up spending all of Saturday recovering. Sunday ends up being poisoned because tomorrow is the dreaded Monday, where they start the cycle all over again. 

Wouldn’t it be better to live with more passion? 

For inspiration, let's consult the wisdom of the Tarot cards and the encouragement of the Elder FUThARK of the Norwegian Runes.

Sunday – Celebrating YOU with enlightened vitality

The Sun - Hope's Heart Tarot™

Of all the days, Sunday is the most special. Set aside for refreshment and regeneration, the first day of the week is usually everyone’s favorite. Pancakes at noon, singing with the chorus, walks in the park, coffee with newspapers—Sundays provide a chance for us to connect with all we find holy and sacred.

A well-spent Sunday, devoted to hobbies, lost in a great movie or indulging in delicious foods, can realign our mind, body and spirit.

In this enlightened space, we rediscover and honor our true selves. It is here that we shake off the false fronts, unholy pursuits and hurtful actions. Infused by the purity offered by spending time in nature, or with our nose happily planted in a good book, or enjoying the constructive creativity of a worthy hobby, we regain appreciation for our authentic selves. 

Comfortable in your own skin and confident in your abilities, you end Sunday feeling complete and whole. If you play your cards right (every pun intended), you'll find yourself waltzing onto the scene tomorrow morning as a unique, powerful, creative creature. There never has been, or ever will be, another YOU. Sunday is, after all, is a day for YOU.

Monday – Preparing for success by tapping into deep instincts.

The Moon - Hope's Heart Tarot™

Monday is shorthand for Moon Day. And the Moon represents intuition, instinct and the ability to “see in the dark”. Good thing! After all, armed only with a cup of Joe and an inspired mind, Monday's energy will help you maximize the week's potential. What opportunities lay hidden, crouching in a stack of in-box papers or lurking across the table at a manager's meeting? What short-term crisis can morph into a lucky break? These things remain to be seen.

In the morning, set aside a few extra minutes to double check your plans and goals. Add in space for reflection and meditation. Throw in five more minutes to address fears and worry. Then, mentally flip scenarios…in your mind, predict what might happen if tables were turned. That demanding client you’re pampering…what if you let him go? The vendor who can’t pay you…can an alternative be negotiated?

The psychic energy of Monday will help you aim your arrows high. By allowing new, fresh alternatives to enter your realm of possibilities, you WILL make room for better opportunities. Guided by intuition, your week ahead becomes energized and exciting. With new confidence, you'll prepare for a great Tuesday.

Tuesday – Truth and Justice

Taiwaz Rune - Hope's Heart Tarot™

Tuesday, or Tyr’s Day, is the namesake of Tyr, the Nordic God of Truth and Justice. After a Sunday’s work of embracing your true self and Monday’s time spent contemplating possibilities, Tuesday’s energy centers around humbled integrity.

The day begs you to show up as your best self. In our English language, the capitol letter T is derived from the Rune Taiwaz, which also honors Tyr. The shape of “T”, as shown above, originally was formed as an upward pointing arrow. Yes, Taiwaz encourages you to look UP!

Tyr, Taiwaz and Tuesday call upon you to RISE!  The Protector of Warriors, the spirit of Tyr rewards courage, dignity and respect. It’s as if Tuesday is saying “walk with honor and I will keep you safe.”

As most of us have learned (usually the hard way), stepping outside cookie-cutter lifestyles to trail blaze virgin ground can prove dangerous in today’s work environments. But Tuesday dares us to live our truth!

Consider this: if you’re on a path, it’s not your own.

Tuesday’s end may find you weary. Unique ideas may have ruffled some feathers. You may have been challenged, confronted or even fired. But you spoke your truth and will be awarded accordingly.

Wednesday – Thought and Reason

Ansuz Rune - Odin's Runes™

Odin (or Woton). The All Father. The solitary wanderer who fearlessly faces the mountains ahead. His crows, Hugin and Munin—or “Thought” and “Reason”—travel the land and bring back news and information. A relentless seeker of wisdom, he has little regard for law and convention. Odin’s passions are focused on intellect and learning.

Wednesday, or Woton’s Day, honors the student. Where can you learn more? What questions require answers? Which problems beg for clarity? Moreover, after Tuesday’s potential conflicts, you’re going to need to explain yourself. Which words can best describe your stance? What evidence supports your opinions?

With today’s technology, information flies faster than Hugin and Munin. You're empowered. You’ve charted your course. Wednesday is a great day to defend it.

Thursday – Claim your destiny!

Thorisaz Rune - Odin's Runes™

Did you hear that? BOOM! Thunder crashes across the cosmos as Odin’s son Thor unleashes his fury! His unshakable sense of duty will rail again an unholy regime.

In Thor’s day, back in ancient Norway, castles were protected by thorny hedges. Even today, things of value are guarded. We, too, must guard ourselves against those who would rob us or cause us harm. Thor warns us: There will be thorns. There will be giants. You must be strong and brave to claim your destiny!

As you might guess, Thursday (Thor’s Day) is in his honor. His mighty voice summons us to take up our arms and fight for our cause! Many frightful things stand in our way: Ruthless competitors, jealous coworkers, ridiculous regulations…the list is endless. Thursday’s energy supports our warrior spirit as we pick up our arms and confront our obstacles.

When the fiery sun sets on this powerful day, we recount our victory, drinking wine from the skulls of our enemies.

Friday – Rewarding WIN!

Wunjo Rune - Odin's Runes™

Ahhh, Friday, or Freya’s Day. At week’s end, we count our wins. The loveliness of this day is unmatched. After all, Odin’s wife, Freya, is the Goddess of LOVE and BEAUTY! Her fondness of joy and fertility made her a bit of a party girl. Hence, the long-standing Happy Hour tradition!

The 24 letters of the Elder FUThARK of the ancient Norse alphabet is divided into three sets. The first describes the trials and tribulations of surviving a climate that was frozen for eight months and hailed during the remaining four. Freya's lessons and guidance are as important today as they were in antiquity:

Freya's Aett - Odin's Runes™

  1. Fehu – Wealth. Assess what you own and what you can make.
  2. Uruz – Freedom. Although you must get along in the world, you must remain free.
  3. Thorisaz – Thorns. Claiming your victory will require that you overcome obstacles.
  4. Ansuz – Study. You will study and learn.
  5. Raidho – Ride. Life is a journey, not a destination.
  6. Kenaz – Knowledge. Bring Light to the dark.
  7. Gebo – Exchange. You must give to receive.
  8. Wunjo – Celebrate. Acknowledge your victories!

Look back on the week. What did you suspect on Moonday that later came to light? How did the truth and justice of Tyr’s Day give rise for the lessons learned on Woton’s Day? The strength and courage of Thor’s Day must have smashed a few obstacles into smithereens. Now, during the eve of Freya’s day, who can you congratulate and what can you celebrate?

Go ahead. Replace the five letters of Wunjo with P-A-R-T-Y.

Saturday – Face your Fears

Fear - Hope's Heart Tarot™

Have you ever noticed how sometimes Saturday isn’t quite as much fun as you hoped? What is it about that day? Why does it tend to be heavy or dark? The answer lies with powerful Saturn.

Saturday is Saturn’s Day, and Saturn is the planet of fear and control. It also rules time, authority, blockage, restriction, limitation, discipline, hard work, difficulty, the law, and the color black. Yes. Ugh.

But wait a minute…Saturn also helps us build a firm foundation, find faults in our plans, and helps us build on integrity. Without him, we'd probably be stumbling over the rubble of fallen buildings, stranded by defunct cars and cursing faulty kitchen appliances. Working WITH Saturn is truly a key to success. Saturn’s Day gives you an opportunity to reflect on the week and identify our pitfalls, anxieties and worries. What are our bad habits? What are you so darned afraid of, anyway? Saturn dares you to face your fears and confront your weaknesses.

As you wind down on Saturday night, review your week and identify your shortcomings. Admit your faults and you will be justly rewarded. Saturn isn't all bad. After all, he delivers you to Sunday, where you can dive into something you love and soothe away your aches and pains. 

So, next time you hear someone grumble about Monday, cheer about Hump Day, or proclaim TGIF, look to the Sun, think of the Moon, give a wink to Tyr, Odin, Thor and Freya, and tell Saturn you'll meet him for a beer on Saturday afternoon. You're on the right track, and you know it. Prepare for a brave and prosperous new week! The sky’s the limit when you work with ancient wisdom!

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Author Joan Kristin Haugan is a master of Tarot cards, Rune stones and Reiki energy healing. She is knowledgeable in the use and application of essential oils and is well-versed in their healing properties. A graduate of the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology with a bachelor’s degree in the field of Geological Engineering, as well as a master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of South Dakota, she worked for a time as an environmental engineer before going into business with her beloved husband. Together, they own J&J Optical and the Sturgis Hitchin' Post in Sturgis, South Dakota.

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