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Tarot Deck & Reading Board

Tarot Deck & Reading Board


Hope's Heart Tarot™ & The Seeker's Journey™

Round tarot card deck with life-size layout board

Spend meaningful time with friends and loved ones and enjoy magical moments. With Hope's Heart Tarot™ The Seeker's Journey™ EVERYONE can benefit from ancient wisdom. 

Hope's Heart Tarot™ Deck: Descriptive text around card edges help beginners grasp tarot meanings. Experts enjoy 360-degrees of interpretations. 

Seeker's Journey Layout Board: Get ready for an enchanting adventure, as Rebel, the fearless black steed, escorts Seekers on a quest of self discovery.

  • The 36-inch wide, 20-inch tall tri-fold board
  • Full instruction for an 11-card Hope's Heart Tarot™ deck reading. 
  • The Seeker begins with a Challenge, drawing cards to represent the Situation, a Fear and the resulting Issue. Moving on, the Seeker faces the Gatekeeper of Awareness, gaining greater insight regarding What is Denied and What is Gained. Enlightened, the Seeker finds Solution by accepting Ownership, Management and Empowerment. Ultimately, the Seeker finds a Higher Vibe by stepping onto a Higher Path under a Guiding Light.