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Tarot Reading Board


Adventure Awaits. Your "Higher Vibe" is calling!

YOU are about to embark on a magical journey! The moment you unfold your Seeker's Journey Tarot Layout Board and shuffle your deck of Hope's Heart Tarot, ancient wisdom will illuminate an enchanting path of self-awareness and self-discovery. With the turn of the first card, Rebel, the powerful black steed, will meet you at your Challenge and escort you to the gateway of Awareness. From there, you will find Solutions and, ultimately, set forth on Your Higher Path. Now everyone can enjoy and benefit from Tarot Wisdom!

Seeker's Journey Tarot Layout Board.  36-inch wide, 20-inch tall tri-fold board. Offers full instruction for an 11-card Hope's Heart Tarot™ deck reading.   The Seeker begins with a Challenge, drawing cards to represent the Situation, a Fear and the resulting Issue. Moving on, the Seeker faces the Gatekeeper of Awareness, gaining greater insight regarding What is Denied and What is Gained. Enlightened, the Seeker finds Solution by accepting Ownership, Management and Empowerment. Ultimately, the Seeker finds a Higher Vibe by stepping onto a Higher Path under a Guiding Light.