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12 Reasons to Try Tarot!

12 Reasons to Try Tarot!

Bucket lists. Most of us have one. Skydiving. African Safari. Bull riding (well, maybe not bull riding). Getting a Tarot reading.

As your friendly Tarot professional, I’m going to suggest you strike the last one. Why? Well, in my humble opinion, it’s not as wild and crazy as you might think and therefore, not really “bucket” worthy. Not to burst your bubble, but it doesn’t even qualify as “weird.” In fact, getting a Tarot reading can be considered a normal activity. In my own practice in Sturgis, South Dakota, folks from all walks of life—office workers, nurses, lawyers, flight attendants, drug reps, cowboys (yes, cowboys), and teachers—schedule sessions to shine light on lofty goals, lend strength to overcome painful losses or offer wise counsel to encourage a more dignified lifestyle.

Although sometimes pegged as “New Age,” divination arts are really nothing new. Rune throwing, for example—which involves the Norwegian alphabet sketched into small rocks—dates back thousands of years. The messages of each letter, many of them identical to the ones we use today, spell out life’s trials and triumphs in predictable patterns that still hold true in our modern world.

The cards of the Tarot, which originated in 15th century Europe, are much younger than the Rune stones, yet express the same sage advice. Why? Because ancient wisdom operates off two obvious premises: 1) It’s really old and therefore stands the test of time. 2) It’s, well, WISE and chock-full of great ideas. Everything that can and WILL happen to you in life is foretold in the 24 letters of the Elder FUThARK of the Norwegian alphabet and the 78 cards of the Tarot. 

While I could offer you countless reasons to try Tarot—this blog lists 12—I can give you ZERO reasons against it. Not a single one. During my long career, I’ve successfully wrestled with every imaginable objection. Here are just a few (along with my answers to those objections):

No. I’m not a witch. Nor am I practicing the craft. I’m a recovering engineer who fled Corporate America in the year 2000 with my hair on fire. While it is true that witches sometimes consult with Tarot, they also light candles, enjoy the company of cats, brew tea and are partial to brooms. None of those activities are considered occult practices.

No. Reading Tarot is not devil worshipping. I don’t even know what that is.

No. A Tarot card isn’t evil. It’s a cardstock paper product.

Yes. Somehow, someway, we always seem to draw the right cards. No, I don’t know how it works, but I don’t know how my cell phone works, either and I still manage to make calls, text friends and cruise Facebook.

Yes. You can still be Christian/Catholic/Methodist/Unchurched/whatever and benefit from the Tarot. The powerful messages glorify a Higher Power and only reinforce, never hinder, belief systems.

No. Tarot cards aren’t exotic. Whether you realize it or not, you probably already have a relationship with 52 of them as these became today’s playing decks. What did you think the Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs and Spades were all about? Your passion, wealth, energy and mind, of course. Yes, what I’m suggesting is this: If you’ve ever played Go Fish, Gin Rummy or Old Maid, you’ve handled and worked with the Tarot.

One last thing…NO, the Tarot does NOT predict the future. It’s a tool of self-discovery that helps you create the future.

If that’s not enough justification to try Tarot, here are my top 12 reasons to give it a whirl:

  1. It’s a NEW ADVENTURE!


Brave something new! Surely there’s an area of your life that feels like a dead end. Resistance to change only leads to stagnation. The Tarot operates as a wonderful flashlight, exposing roadblocks and uncovering opportunities. Empowerment, clarity and self-worth await! Most readers offer $20 mini-sessions. In other words, for the price of a few fancy coffees you could experience something that could really give you a jolt! After all, a fresh perspective could be just what you need to rouse your revolutionary spirit.

2. It’s FUN!


The Tarot will ALWAYS deliver reasons to celebrate! Joy and laughter are important outcomes of readings. Your session will lift your spirits and leave you feeling light-hearted. Yes, the Tarot loves to party! And after a good reading, you will, too.

3. You’ll feel RICHER!


Your Tarot reader will help you count your blessings. And when you do, you’ll agree with ancient wisdom: We all must practice excellent stewardship. This means we only hold on to possessions that we need, use or love. Clutter, junk, duplicate items all need to be donated or disposed. The cash in our wallets and money in our banks must be treated with respect. After your session, you’ll feel inspired to practice discipline and gratitude. Good habits will lead to a state of resourceful stability. You will feel wealthy, regardless of the amount of greens in your wallet or bucks in the bank.

4. To live your VIRTUE


Living in virtue requires that what you say, think and do are in alignment. In order to reach this lofty standard of living, you must discover and recover your authentic self. Sometimes, that’s not so easy. Social pressures and unholy measurements of success can divert us from our true nature. Fear of abandonment, worrying about not fitting in, feeling like a failure can intrude into our psyche and rob us of our joy. The Tarot offers remedies, of course, and can get us back on a more sacred and sustainable track.

You might as well just let go of what others might think and just be yourself. After all…everyone else is taken! HA! Your Tarot reader will help you find (and burn) false fronts. Wouldn’t it be a better idea to address your insecurities than walk around in heavy armor to protect them? I think so, too. The wisdom of the Tarot helps us appreciate and nurture our true selves.

5. To gain CLARITY


A keen, sharp mind is a marvelous tool. It is a priceless skill to be able to make quick and firm decisions and then clearly communicate opinions and desires. The entire suit of the Swords (or Spades in today’s decks) instruct us to employ thought and reason to pursue truth and honor.

Furthermore, Tarot messages insist we apply dignity and respect to our decision-making processes. When considering choices, we should follow the teachings of the Two of Swords by putting our emotions (water) behind us, allow intuition (the moon) to shine in the dark (the unknown), and close our eyes to distractions. Tarot readers will help you find peace and resolve with difficult matters.



At some point, everyone experiences loss and heartbreak. When the chips are down, a Tarot reading can help you release pain and regain hope. Our grieving figure on the Five of Cups card focuses on three spilled cups. We long to reach for his shoulder, turn him around, and say, “Look! You still have two left! All is not lost!” The same lesson applies to us in our own hours of darkness. Much comfort and strength can be gained from the Tarot.

7. To get your MOJO BACK


The same two cups left standing on the Five of Cups card become Alchemist’s tools on the beautiful Temperance card. Here, the Tarot lifts us to nobility, where we become capable of turning lead into gold. The Tarot promises that brighter days are always ahead, that hard times can (and must) be overcome, and the Midas Touch awaits those who are willing to find peace and acceptance after heartbreak and loss.

8. To encourage you to SPEAK UP FOR YOURSELF


The Tarot insists that we find our voice but avoid harsh words. The Five of Swords encourages us to engage in healthy debate. The card messages of the entire suit foster our ability to set emotions aside, be fair and balanced in our judgments, use our words carefully, and confidently make decisions. Whether asking a boss for a raise, defending yourself in small claims court or ending an unhealthy relationship, a Tarot reader will help you overcome your fear of being powerful, yet will require that you confront and extinguish any bullying tendencies lurking within.



No, the Death card does NOT suggest that you, or your dog, or grandma, or anyone else in your life is in grave danger. The message of #13 refers to our need to release worn-out beliefs, unhealthy relationships, unholy pursuits or anything else that is holding us back from living in full glory. Yes, the Death card can be a source of comfort when a living creature transitions to the other side. Death, after all, is a fact of life. Even in our saddest times, courage and strength lead to peace and acceptance. The Tarot also teaches that everything is always in a constant state of change, and we must gracefully allow transformation as our lives rotate through stages of death and rebirth.

10. To get UNSTUCK


Stuck. We’ve all been there…the go-nowhere jobs, the why-am-I-dating-you relationships, the 400-square-foot apartments. Whatever it is, a Tarot reading can help you re-energize. Sometimes, nothing feels better than moving forward.

11. To seek and savor HIGHER LEARNING


Tarot reading isn’t some freaky 1-900 call. It’s higher learning. What’s so crazy about seeking out wisdom? What’s so wacky about study and discipline? Nothing.

Consider the alternative: Living devoid of sage advice or faith in a Higher Power. No thanks.

The Tarot helps us understand and accept that life, as painful and unfair as it usually is, can also be meaningful and important. The practice of working with Tarot can cause us to crave divine teachings as we seek out notions of truth and honor.

12. To spark interest for SELF-REFLECTION

9 - The Hermit - Hope's Heart Tarot™

A passion for Higher Learning will prompt us to seek alone time for study and meditation. Seeking knowledge and discovering truth, we will soon find our own shining light. Our ultimate goal becomes the ability to offer guidance to the lost, comfort to the pained and encouragement to the broken-hearted.

These are only a dozen of the hundreds of reasons I could give you to try Tarot. So…go ahead, make that call. Schedule a session with a local reader or let your fingers do the typing on the World Wide Web. Find a professional who jibes with you. Enjoy your session, which, I promise, won’t be your last. Then, take this item out of your bucket. Make more room for things like SCUBA diving, hot air balloons, learning Japanese…

Very Best Wishes! To learn more or purchase your own deck of Hope's Heart Tarot™, visit www.prairiemagic.com

Author Joan Kristin Haugan is a master of Tarot cards, Runes stones and Reiki energy healing. She is knowledgeable in the use and application of essential oils and is well-versed in their healing properties. A graduate of the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology with a Bachelor’s degree in the field of Geological Engineering, as well as a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of South Dakota, she worked for a time as an environmental engineer before going into business with her beloved husband. Together, they own J&J Optical and the Sturgis Hitchin' Post in Sturgis, South Dakota.

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